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iCalculator™ Chemistry provides a range of Food and Agricultural Chemistry calculators, assisting you in understanding and calculating crucial aspects related to the chemistry of food and agriculture.

Use our suite of food and agricultural chemistry calculators to delve into these topics and learn more about the chemical principles that underpin our food and agricultural systems.

What is Food and Agricultural Chemistry?

Food and Agricultural Chemistry is a field that investigates the chemical processes associated with the production, processing, and consumption of food, as well as the chemical aspects of agricultural practices.

Key Figures in Food and Agricultural Chemistry

  • Justus von Liebig: Known as the 'father of the fertilizer industry', Liebig's research on plant nutrition revolutionized agriculture.
  • Louis Pasteur: Pasteur's work on fermentation has had a profound impact on the food and dairy industries, giving rise to pasteurization.
  • Norman Borlaug: Known as the 'father of the Green Revolution', Borlaug's work on high-yielding and disease-resistant wheat varieties has significantly impacted global food production.

Applications of Food and Agricultural Chemistry

Food and Agricultural Chemistry is vital to our society. Some of its key applications include:

  1. Improving food quality and safety
  2. Enhancing crop production and protection
  3. Developing sustainable agricultural practices
  4. Understanding and improving animal nutrition

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